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Your Guide to Your First 31 Days

 Day 1

______ Set up a separate email account for your Thirty-One business. It is nice to have business and pleasure separate. Come up with something easy for your customers to remember...ex- or

______ Log into your “Virtual Office/Back Office.” To log in go to consultant id,  go to “Profile”, “My Website” and then click on “Personalize” so that you can update things as you like.  You can change your website name to have your initials, first name, etc. instead of your id number after the backslash.  You may also want to add a little about yourself and your WHY in the section ‘About Me’.  This is also the area where you can upload a picture of yourself that will appear on your site.  You will also want to make sure your contact info is displayed on your page by checking the boxes corresponding to the info you want your customers to see.  Make sure that “Show My Events” is clicked so that these will be visible to your hostesses and customers.

______ Input all contacts you have into your back office.  Go to “Order” – “Contacts” – “Add a contact”.  This group of contacts will receive your Thoughts, Talks & Trends newsletter.

______ Personalize your TTT newsletter – you receive this service for FREE for your first 90 days.

Access it from (TOT) – “Newsletters” – “TTT Portal” and update it by the end of the month so that the upcoming issue will be ready to go.

______ Go to TOT.  “Toolbox” -  “Recruiting Tools” -  “2012 Start Swell”. (view flier from left side of page) Make it a goal to earn these additional products for FREE! By having just 4 parties a month, you will reach all 4 Start Swell goals!

Day 2

______  Go to TOT -  “New Consultants Start Here”  Try not to be overwhelmed, go at your own pace, working your way through each step.

______ Create your List of 62...31 DOUBLED! This will be your contact list to help book your first parties. Use the FRANCKS system to help you. F-Friends R-Relatives A-Acquaintances N-Neighbors C-Co-workers C-Church K-Kids associations (coaches, teachers, parents of friends) S- Spouse Associations.

______ Schedule your Debut Party! Thirty-One encourages all new consultants to be the hostess and the consultant! This gives you an opportunity to not only showcase your new business to friends and family but to also earn the hostess benefits. You will earn FREE products to add to your enrollment kit. (If you need more help planning your party launch do not hesitate to contact me.

______ Send out a “Welcome to my Business” e-mail or flier. Include a catalog or the link to the catalog for all to view. Share the gift of Thirty-One with everyone.

Day 3

______ Get your calendar ready. Highlight the dates that you are available to do parties in GREEN (money). Highlight any family time, sports events, etc in PINK (heart) and use BLUE to highlight training dates for your business. *Organizing your calendar is a key to success!*

______ Go to TOT and continue working through the new consultant trainings.

______ Contact your sponsor or me to answer any questions that you have so far. Communication with your sponsor/leader early on will help your success.

______ Mark your calendar with your Start Swell dates. Count 30 days from the day you enrolled, 60 days out, and 90 days out.  Then begin calling your List of 62 to get your parties booked.

See sample script- sample-script.php

Day 4

______ Go to TOT and continue working through the new consultant trainings.

______ On TOT- “Toolbox” Spend some time familiarizing yourself with all of the helpful resources available for you to download and print.

______ Order or make labels for your catalogs. You will want to mark them so that people know how to contact you.  You can  A) print labels on your home printer; B)order labels off the business supplies – personalized address labels w/ your name, phone & email/site; C) order a stamp or labels w/ your info on it (can usually add this onto your Vistaprint order for free).  Your name, phone #, email & website are the best pieces of info to include.

______ Order business cards too!

Use the same information from could add-

-Place an order, host a party, or join my team

-Unique, Personalized Gifts

-To Buy or Sell

 Day 5

______ Take a few minutes and ask your self- “What do I want Thirty-One to do for me? WHY did I join Thirty-One?” Write down your WHY and post it in your bathroom, in your office, on your refrigerator....somewhere you will see it every single day! Is your make the car payment? To save for a Disney vacation? To send your children to a private school? By reminding yourself daily of your WHY, you will stay more focused and motivated.

______ Go to TOT and continue working through the new consultant trainings.

______ Log into your virtual office and set up each booked party on your events page. This will allow your hostess to add e-mail addresses of their guests and change/update the invitation. The guests that are unable to attend will be able to place an order on-line too.

Day 6

______ Get organized!  Create some type of filing system to track your hostesses, recruits, customers, orders, trainings, receipts, etc.  Suggestion – get an accordion file system from a local office store and put it into an All in One organizer so you are set to go!

______ Put a mileage log in your car so that you have it handy every time you’re driving to something Thirty-One related (parties, store for supplies, etc.).

______ Go to TOT and continue working through the new consultant trainings.

Day 7

______Your kit is here – WOOHOO!!  Take a picture of your New Consultant Box BEFORE opening it!  Email this to everyone letting them know that if they want to see what is inside the box to come to your Business Kick-Off Party, ask for a catalog, or book a party.

______ Call me!!!!  I want to share in your excitement and go over everything you have to make sure nothing was left out.

______ Make packets!  Now that you have the materials, you can make 6 hostess packets, 6 opportunity packets, and 20 customer packets. (See the attached info on what to include in each)

______ In your kit you should have received the policy and procedure guide. Take some time to read over it. It is extremely important that you understand the policies of your new business. There is also a copy available to you on TOT

______ Go to TOT and continue working through the new consultant trainings.

Day 8

______ Go to TOT and finish working through the new consultant trainings.

______ Familiarize yourself with all of the paperwork that you received in your kit, such as the HOW TO ORDER GUIDE. There is also a training video available to you on TOT -  “trainings” - “How to Order”.

______ I know that you are excited to share your catalogs with anyone and everyone! If you have not received your labels yet, be sure to write your information on them. You do not want to ever hand out a blank catalog. You want your customers contacting you.

Day 9

______ Read through your catalog and write down any questions that you may have about the products. You might want to re-watch the Product 101 videos.

______ Set up a time to discuss your questions with your director/sponsor BEFORE your first party so that you can feel confident.  Believe me, when you are confident in your business and your products, it will go a LONG way with your customers and have a huge impact on your business.

______ Familiarize yourself with the current customer special. These can be found on the home page of TOT.

______ Make sure you check the Business Update on TOT before each party.  It’s on the home page – Business Update.  This will give you a quick glance on any backorders, shipping timelines, etc

______ Begin making reminder calls to the guests you invited to your launch party. Tell each of them to bring a friend.

______ Ask any guest that cannot come if she is interested in placing an outside order and be sure to let her know the customer special. Do a practice order on one of your order forms.

Day 10

______ Finish up calls for you debut party.

______ Purchase door prizes to use at your party. Target or Michaels Dollar Bins, Dollar Store,

notepads, nail files, etc. You could even do a drawing for free shipping or free personalization on one product. (You will pay for this though)

______ Decide how you will do your launch party. Will you do an open house style? Will you do a brief presentation?  Check out the LADIES website and TOT for some ideas. Begin preparing and then practice!

______ Decide how you will get bookings. You want to get at least 2 at every party. One will replace the current party and the other one will help to grow your business. 

Day 11

______ Refer to the “How to Order Guide” on TOT to help you input a sample order.  This will help you know the ropes more when you enter your first official party.  You can’t submit anything without entering payments, so feel free to play around with the order and get comfortable with the order entry, personalization entry, hostess rewards section, etc. When you are finished practicing, delete the order.

______ Practice your presentation with your husband, kids, or friends. Be sure to involve the guests during your presentation.

______ Contact your sponsor or Director with any last minute questions prior to your launch party. Remember, this is your first party and it is completely normal to be nervous. Your guests are your family and friends and this will be great practice for you!

Day 12

______ Continue calling from your list of 62.  Commit to making 5 phone calls per day from your list until you have enough parties on your calendar to complete the Start Swell incentive and get your business off to a great start!

______ Meet with anyone who has booked a party and give them a hostess packet. Take a couple of minutes to go over the packet with them and let them know that the goal you are both reaching for is $500. Break it down for her...a $500 party is about 8-10 buying guests and 4-5 outside orders. If the hostess is not local, mail her a packet and contact her to review the contents.

Day 13

______ Have an awesome PARTY! ~ Your GOAL is $500+ and at least 3 BOOKINGS!

Day 14

CELEBRATE!!! You just had your first party and it was a SUCCESS!!

______ Call your guests and thank them for coming. You may be able to book a party by doing this. You can also send thank you cards in the mail or once the order comes in, include a thank you note in each bag.

______ Refer to the How To Order Guide on TOT to help you input and submit your first party order.  If you have any Online Orders, as soon as you hit “Create the Order” you will receive a pop-up that says if you continue that the online party will be closed.  Continue to enter the remaining orders you received, and if you need to make any changes to the existing online orders, you can do so through the main order screen at that time as well.  If you need help placing your order, you can contact your sponsor or Order Support. Remember if you are the hostess take advantage of all the hostess $ you earned, half priced items and the hostess exclusives. Choose products to add to your kit that will not come in your Start Swell. You can also purchase some door prizes and hostess gifts to use at upcoming parties. (zipper pouches, nail files, key fobs, etc)

Congratulations! You just submitted your first order for your Start Swell!

Day 15

______ Find a local Celebrate and Connect meeting near you. You can find the list on TOT. Once you receive the e-mail from the home office that it is time to just that! REGISTER! Attend any meeting/training available to you. Your business will thank you.

Day 16

______ Go to TOT and Click TRAINING. Under the 31 Minutes archives, listen to

the Hostess Coaching training. Write down any additional questions you might have

on this topic and contact your sponsor/Director. Effective hostess coaching is the most important part of your business. The more guests that attend each party, the more people you will be in contact with to share your LOVE of Thirty-One.

Day 17-30

______ Do 4-5 more parties. You already have them on your calendar! Be sure to hostess coach to ensure the parties have a successful turn out.

______ Submit those parties prior to your start swell deadlines. Try not to wait until the very last day just in case there is an issue with a credit card, etc.

Day 31

______ Woo-Hoo! You made it through your first 31 days of your business AND you reached your first START SWELL and are well on your way to your other Start Swell goals! I am so proud of you and all of your hard work.

______ Only YOU can make this business happen. Do one thing every day to support your business. Get into a your business..don’t let your business work you. Remember to keep your WHY visible so that you have a clear vision each day of what is important to you and what you want your business to do for YOU!