Hostess Coaching and Tools

 Hostess Coaching Checklist

  1. When a guest at a show books her own show, give her a Hostess Packet that night and go through it completely with her to ensure her of a successful show.

  2. Encourage the Hostess to send out 40 invitations to friends, family, co‐workers, neighbors, teachers, church friends, etc.

  3. Make sure a Hostess knows what her monthly Hostess Specials are and the potential rewards she can reap from a successful party. If one is not available at that time, either mail or email it to her.

  4. Include at least 2 to 3 current catalogs and 5 order forms in each Hostess Packet for outside orders.

  5. Give the hostess the consultant/business opportunity sheet.

  6. Encourage the hostess to make a wish list so that you can work with her on a goal for her show and encourage her to reach it!

  7. When working with a Hostess before her show, let her know that you are available for any questions she may have, especially when it comes to filling out the order forms.

  8. When working with a Hostess before her show, encourage her to have at least one booking scheduled before the night of her show.

  9. When working with a Hostess, set a goal for outside order sales and a goal for total show sales.

  10. Two to three days before a show call the Hostess and ask her how many guests she expects and encourage her to call those that have yet to respond. Also ask how her outside orders and bookings are coming, ask directions, remind her of the time you will arrive and to have a few simple snacks for her guests.

  11. Before the show, ask the Hostess if she plans to close the party the night of the show or leave it open a couple of days afterwards.

  12. On the night of the show, ask the hostess if she has considered doing what you do.

  13. At the beginning of a show, recognize the Hostess for the things she did to help her show be more successful and give her a small gift and note of thanks. 

Hostess Packets – Each hostess that signs up to host a party should receive a packet that includes: Hostess Letter, Hostess Guide Flier, 5-10 order forms, Monthly Special Flier, Recruiting Flier, Business Card, 2-3 catalogs, & postcard invitations. (I choose to mail the invitations for my hostesses so I include a blank guest list for them to fill out and a self addressed envelope for them to mail the list back to me.) You can also include a challenge to motivate your hostess to have a really great party for you.  The letters I personally include are the hostess letter, hostess tips, and outside order instructions that are in below. 

Hostess Letters  

After party host note.doc After party host note.doc
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afterparty guest note.doc afterparty guest note.doc
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Catalog Show Letter.doc Catalog Show Letter.doc
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1,200 Party Hostess Letter[1].pdf 1,200 Party Hostess Letter[1].pdf
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Hostess Letter.docx Hostess Letter.docx
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hostess tips.docx hostess tips.docx
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Hostess Coaching and Tracking

Below are multiple documents to help you keep track of your hostess coaching. Use whatever method works for you.

PrePostShowChecklist82009.doc PrePostShowChecklist82009.doc
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Host-Coaching-Envelope-Checklist.doc Host-Coaching-Envelope-Checklist.doc
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ComprehensiveHostessInfoSheet.doc ComprehensiveHostessInfoSheet.doc
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HostessOrganizer.pdf HostessOrganizer.pdf
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Hostess coaching.docx Hostess coaching.docx
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FB Coaching Card.docx FB Coaching Card.docx
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Monthly Hostess Facebook Email.docx Monthly Hostess Facebook Email.docx
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Hostess Challenges  

Hostess Checklist-new.doc Hostess Checklist-new.doc
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HostessTicTacToe.doc HostessTicTacToe.doc
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Zipper Pouch Bingo.doc Zipper Pouch Bingo.doc
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Catalog Thirty-One Hostess BINGO[1].docx Catalog Thirty-One Hostess BINGO[1].docx
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Thirty-One Hostess BINGO[1][1].docx Thirty-One Hostess BINGO[1][1].docx
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Hostess Scavenger Hunt.docx Hostess Scavenger Hunt.docx
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